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Galco Group Dublin


In 1990 Galco were updating their main Galvanizing Plant which was built in the early 70’s and considered all aspects of Process Tanks particularly life to first maintenance and having inspected Koerner tanks installed in plants in Austria, we made up our minds there and then the life expectancy versus price favoured spending slightly higher capital amount on tanks and today in 2010 – 20 years on – we are using the same tanks with minimal amounts of maintenance requirement mainly caused by damage inflicted by the product through-put and over the 20 years some of these tanks have handled in excess of 360,000 tonnes of steel.

Today our tanks are in good order and will need we believe minimal attention over the next 5-10 years. Just imagine tanks leaking, loss of chemical, the disruption to work and planning, the maintenance costs involved in some cases lifting out the tanks and replacing. This would have been a major issue had we not the foresight to invest in this tested and proven quality product.

The proof lies in the fact that we installed a set of tanks in a new No 2 Galvanizing Plant in the year 2001, again, confidence in the product that we bought from Koerner.

Bernard Shanley
Group Managing Director
Galco Group Dublin – Ireland

KVK Benefits

The KVK tanks The KVK tanks The size of our tanks can be reduced or increased even after years, and adapted to the requirements of your pickling plant.
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Plants Around the World

The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group Koerner built one of the most modern galvanising plants worldwide for the largest Dutch galvanising group in Groningen.
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