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Koerner has more than 25 years of experience and research, worldwide patents, and customers in 50 countries worldwide.

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The company owned by the Karger family operates hot dip galvanising plants at 3 locations. When building the most recent plant, the owners decided in favour of the tried and proven know-how of KVK Koerner, not least due to the strict environmental regulations.

A concept was developed together in which the many years of experience of Karger as a galvanising shop were combined with the internationally esteemed and proven plant technology of Koerner. The plant with the deepest zinc tank in Europe (8.5 x 1.85 x 4m) went into operation in mid 2008.

The robust KVK pickling tanks prove their worth in particular with these extreme geometric requirements. In this plant, an overriding pickling management system was realised that made it possible for the operator to extend the automation of the plant to include optimum pickling management.

KVK Benefits

The KVK tanks The KVK tanks The size of our tanks can be reduced or increased even after years, and adapted to the requirements of your pickling plant.
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Plants Around the World

The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group Koerner built one of the most modern galvanising plants worldwide for the largest Dutch galvanising group in Groningen.
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