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Verzinkerei Würzburg


Siegener Verzinkerei Gruppe is one of the oldest family-run companies in Siegerland. It has also operated a hot dip galvanising plant at Würzburg for many years.
Due to environmental regulations that were becoming more and more strict, it became necessary to renew the pre-treatment section.

A decision was made at an early stage to make use of professional planning for this construction project. A concept was developed as part of a planning mandate together with the specialists of Verzinkerei Würzburg GmbH in which it would be possible for the plant to continue to operate without any restrictions until completion of the new pre-treatment.  Through perfect cooperation with our partners, we were able to develop a logistics concept that met the highest demands in connection with productivity and efficiency and perfectly satisfied the strict environmental regulations.

Through this approach, it was possible to keep the construction time quite short because the planning phase has already been dealt with first.
KVK Koerner also supported Verzinkerei Würzburg through the provision of professional documents for the approvals process.

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