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Working as a general contractor, KVK Koerner delivered one of the world's most modern hot dip galvanising plants to Estonia.
KVK Koerner started supporting the investors in the conceptual design phase in which a requirements analysis was prepared together. It was used as the basis for developing an optimised plant concept.
In that phase, all the necessary calculation and design documents were created so that it was possible to complete the approval phase quickly.

Through the perfect collaboration between the participating companies and through professional project management by KVK Koerner, it was possible to put the plant into operation on time at the end of 2008.
KVK Koerner supported Zincpot especially in the first phase of production where experienced galvanising experts (20 years of experience as production managers in galvanising plants) gave the production and technology training.

The pre-treatment process specified by KVK and the use of a zinc alloy developed by KVK led to perfect galvanising results right from the first dipping.
After an intensive training period of approximately 6 weeks, it was possible for the plant's own staff to operate it perfectly.

KVK Benefits

The KVK tanks The KVK tanks The size of our tanks can be reduced or increased even after years, and adapted to the requirements of your pickling plant.
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Plants Around the World

The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group Koerner built one of the most modern galvanising plants worldwide for the largest Dutch galvanising group in Groningen.
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