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Koerner has more than 25 years of experience and research, worldwide patents, and customers in 50 countries worldwide.

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Whether for a plant concept, pickling tank or complete galvanising plant:
Our product range will meet your requirements. To a T.

Complete Hot-Dip Galvanising Plants

Encapsulated Pickling Plants with the KVK System

Heating up the pickling baths yields a considerable reduction of process time and hence a reduction of the number of pickling tanks.

However, in traditional open plants, the benefits that can be derived from this effect are very limited, since the higher bath temperatures result in an increase to the acidic emissions and consequently increased corrosion on cranes, the building and stored material. On top of that, workplace safety (maximum working site concentration) cannot be guaranteed even when employing suction systems on the lateral sides of the tanks.

More than 20 plants set into operation worldwide prove the advantages of this system in practice. Koerner is the only plant supplier that can simulate and predict the flow conditions in each encapsulated plant using its own calculation modules.

The automatic crane and other sensitive plant equipment such as pumps and sensors are protected from the emissions. Thus, it is possible to employ the best available instrumentation, an automatic handling system and to run a fully automated pre-treatment plant. During regular operation, no personnel work inside the pre-treatment plant.


  • A sole source supplier
  • Use of the highest-quality components
  • Plant concepts specifically adapted to the requirements of the customer
  • Low production costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Perfect galvanising quality
  • Minimum zinc consumption
  • Compliance with the DAST guidelines
  • Training of production personnel

KVK Benefits

KVK's complete product range KVK's complete product range As a general contractor, Koerner plans your individual galvanising plant, builds it into a turnkey system, and trains your staff.
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Plants Around the World

Cairo & Jeddah – Helal Elsewedy Cairo & Jeddah – Helal Elsewedy Koerner delivered the first galvanising plant to Cairo in 1999. Two other plants followed in Cairo and Jeddah.
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