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Koerner has more than 25 years of experience and research, worldwide patents, and customers in 50 countries worldwide.

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Your partner for the galvanising industry.
From pickling tanks up to turnkey pickling plants. Patented.

Executives and Management

  Franz Wurm
Shareholder and Managing Director
Corporate Strategy, Financing, Marketing
Tel.: +43 (0)3465 2513 10
E-mail: f.wurm@koerner.at
  Fritz Nerat
Managing Director
Director of the Sales and Project Management Department
Tel.: +43 (0)3465 2513 18
E-mail: f.nerat@koerner.at
  Günther Wulz
Plant Manager
Tel.: +43 (0)3465 2513 26
E-Mail: g.wulz@koerner.at
  Manfred Schell
Sales Director
Tel.: +43 (0)3465 2513 21
E-mail: m.schell@koerner.at

KVK Benefits

The KVK tanks The KVK tanks The size of our tanks can be reduced or increased even after years, and adapted to the requirements of your pickling plant.
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Plants Around the World

The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group Koerner built one of the most modern galvanising plants worldwide for the largest Dutch galvanising group in Groningen.
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