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Olen, Belgium
Size: 20.64 x 4.2 x 3.53

In this copper electrolysis plant, collecting tanks are used for H2SO4 storage.
Koerner delivered several of these tanks of quite impressive dimensions, e.g. 20.64 x 4.2 x 3.53 m.

The tanks are equipped with custom flanges and special fixtures.  
In order to minimise energy and evaporation losses of the hot sulphuric acid (70°C), the tanks were equipped with covers and thermal insulation.

    KVK Benefits

    KVK's complete product range KVK's complete product range As a general contractor, Koerner plans your individual galvanising plant, builds it into a turnkey system, and trains your staff.
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    Plants Around the World

    The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group The Netherlands – Nedcoat Group Koerner built one of the most modern galvanising plants worldwide for the largest Dutch galvanising group in Groningen.
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